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Eu sunt așa! Sunt obsedat de lectura știrilor, articolelor de blog, comentariilor, oped-urilor. Statistic, îmi rezerv trei patru ore/zi pentru citit, din care: 90% articole citite online și 10% cărți.

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Cărți? Cărți sunt multe! N-am de gând să mă laud, m-am lăudat deja prea mult prin lista asta de mai sus!

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    • Great article! My mom has been fnigtihg Melanoma for the past 10 years. She’s beat it twice now. She had two malignant tumors removed within 5 years of each other and was fortunate enough to get it all each time. I am fair skinned but my brother is more olive toned….he has had six bad moles removed and I haven’t had any. So you are right….being fair skinned doesn’t mean we are the only ones in danger. Thanks for the reminder and just the for the awareness. Skin cancer is no joke.

    • Balance is key. We all say it. We seldom do it. I’ve been linraeng to let go lately and the universe seems to have noticed. I told my pastor as much this morning and he reminded me of the saying, let go and let God. He’s pretty hip and realizes God manifests himself in different ways for different people. Nature. The Universe. Karma. Whatever. The harder you push, the harder is pushes back. Thanks for this post.

    • yes, that was me! But having a iohnpe and ipad I decided I needed to go digital. It was hard at first but I’m finally used to it. What’s working for me is google calendar – I have several different calendars and love how you can view all or just one and share them (with my husband for ex). I have personal, my son, family, and business. I’ll also be adding one as a blog schedule. On my iohnpe I view the google calendar with CalenGoo and it syncs niceley.I still feel lust when I seem some nice planners but it was time to go digital. I love mom agenda but didn’t quite work for me. Latest lust is for Erin Condren planner.

    • You can definitely see your eetsrpixe within the work you write. The sector hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart. History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon. by Napoleon.

    • I’m checking out that link now. Thanks for ainddg to the convo. Yes I love your IRL: in real life. You also have some strong feelings about this whole work life balance subject-care to share with everyone? I guess us A types might need some reminding that designing a life is as important as a business or a job and that any thing done to the detriment of our selves or others might be something we want to consider. Also, I think it’s important to think about how we impact others as we use social tools and as we connect. The other day I got entirely ghost busters social slimed by a fellow connector who didn’t even ask me about my life or business but rather handed me a 5 by 7 flier and went into a 5-10 minute advertisement about his business after interrupting me and a past client. That’s an example of being a social tool): We keep our eyes open and dialog about all of this so we can each keep learning and growing and becoming who we want to be .

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  1. So i’m not sure as to why but this specific weblog is running remarkably sluggish for me. Is everybody else having this kind of situation or maybe has it been a situation with my own pc? I’m going to check it later and then judge that the issue continues to occur.

    • Yes, these are the questions, or at least some of them, that I ask mselyf everyday. a0I am not what I do but who I am called to be. That calling comes from the place where my greatest desires meets the world’s greatest needs.a0My busy-aholism isa0tryinga0soa0verya0harda0toa0meeta0somea0need,a0somea0desire,a0thata0ita0onlya0glances at it. It misses the mark because it’s all about me. It’s all about me, not you. Answering these questions let’s me know where I am in relation to the world. World = family, friends, city, state, nation, planet. Thea0chefa0ata0Thea0Herbfarma0regularlya0goesa0foraginga0fora0wilda0foods,a0Japanesea0knotweed,a0bulla0kelp,a0purselane.a0Hea0tweetsa0abouta0ita0witha0pics.a0Hea0hasa0somea0ideaa0ofa0whata0hea0wantsa0buta0doesn’ta0knowa0ifa0hea0willa0finda0ita0untila0hea0gets out into thata0wild world toa0harvest. Where others see weeds, he sees his menu. If it’s all about me, my needs, my desires, I see only the weeds. If my desires bring me to the nexus where I meet the world’s greatest needs, I see what I can harvest to feed the world. a0

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